Slingshot Challenge

SlingshotThe Game

This game is played in two parts. To begin, teams battle directly against each other in a rotating schedule to complete tasks that are fun, mental, creative. These games will put to test; the teams motivation, patience levels, leadership, communication, planning and team work.

Following this, each team will be required to build a giant slingshot from materials that they are able to buy with the Ribbit currency given in exchange for the tasks completed successfully in the first part. Planning, technical and creative skills will be required to build a slingshot that will shoot further than the other teams.

The Objectives

The objective in the first part of completing tasks is to earn enough currency in order to purchase the necessary materials to build the slingshot. Thus, we recommend that all teams consider the requirements to complete the objective of the second part before proceeding on completeing tasks, as it is important to note, that it is not necessary to complete all tasks.

The second part’s objective is to create a slingshot to shoot the furthest. An allocated time is given to complete this task, at which point all teams have 3 attempts to shoot as far as possible.

Talk with us to modify the tasks in the first part so we can include tasks to suit your team building needs.

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